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Covid-19 The Groomery Protocol

• The day before each appointment clients will be called, our new protocol reviewed to avoid any misunderstanding. We will ask how they have been feeling, if anyone sheltering in place with them has been sick, and obviously ask them to reschedule if they don’t feel well.
• Staff will practice good social distancing in and out of the salon, and check their temperature before coming in each day. 
• Wash your hands thoroughly before and after dealing with a client.
• Spray or wipe clothing/aprons with disinfectant immediately after taking a pet from the owner.
• Face masks will be worn by all employees throughout the day, most especially when interacting at curbside.
• Refuse service to pets that require two people to groom for the present time, as this compromises social distancing practices. In addition, no walk in services i.e. nail trims or face trims. 
• Whenever possible place pets directly into the tub and bathe prior to grooming.
• Allow enough time between appointments to thoroughly clean and disinfect between pets and clients.
• Provide zip lock bags for clients to place their cash/checks in and set them aside for a minimum of two days before opening.
• Clean and wipe down pens, keyboards, touchscreens, tables, counters and door handles.
• Salon door will be kept locked at all times. Clients will call when they arrive and pets will be retrieved curbside. No client collars or leads will be accepted , The Groomery will be using disposable web leads to be used on each client one time only. 
• In a defensive measure, extra precautions will be taken assuming a client’s sanitation methods are not as diligent as they claim.